About Us

Inventive Web Design LLC was established in 2009 by Matthew Minten. We found that many small business owners were not getting the online exposure they wanted. It didn’t matter if it was because their existing website wasn’t showing up on search engines, because they needed a mobile website or because they just didn’t have a website yet, we thought that through custom web design and excellent customer service we could help them.

Mr. Minten has been doing Web Design since 2007 and has over 16 years experience in Sales & Marketing. He has an Associates Degree in Web Development and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and Photography. On top of that he has taken many courses in art and graphic design. He is bilingual and with his partnership with his wife, Andrea Linardi de Minten at Linardi Translations, they offer translation services for Spanish/English bilingual websites.

Matt’s worked as a web manager for the city of Reno, along with various design firms in the Reno area. He also spent many years in customer service and excels at finding what you need and providing it in a timely manner. Aside from web design he is also a professional photographer and works as a photography assistant and digital artist for Jeff Ross Photography.

Matthew Minten - Inventive Web Design's Owner
Matthew Minten - Inventive Web Design's Owner

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