Rebound Technology


Rebound Technology from Commerce City, Colorado came to Inventive Web Design, LLC on a referral from some of our other green energy companies. They already had a great website but wanted to make some changes and upgrades. Inventive Web Design was able to help them take their site to the next level!

Let’s delve into the design elements of the Rebound Technologies website:

  1. Clean and Informative Layout: The website features a straightforward layout that prioritizes clarity. Visitors can quickly understand the company’s core offerings and value proposition.
  2. Striking Visuals: Bold colors, high-quality images and graphics enhance the site’s appeal. The use of product visuals, industrial settings, and cooling-related imagery reinforces the company’s expertise in its field.
  3. Focused Messaging: The homepage succinctly communicates Rebound’s mission: “Safer, Greener, Leaner.” This tagline captures their commitment to innovative cooling solutions.
  4. Strategic Call-to-Action (CTA): The “Request an Assessment” CTA encourages engagement. It’s prominently placed, inviting potential clients to discuss their projects with Rebound’s team.
  5. Technical Details: The “Technology” section provides deeper insights into how Rebound’s solutions work. It explains concepts like flexible freezing capacity, productivity enhancement, and thermal fluctuations management1.
  6. Product Highlight: The IcePoint® cycle, which combines agile freezing, humidity control, and demand response capabilities, is showcased. The 3-step cycle—charging, discharging, and regeneration—offers a simple yet powerful solution for cooling2.
  7. Client Success Story: Mention of their successful installation at Lineage Logistics—a major cold chain warehouse and distribution center—adds credibility and demonstrates real-world performance3.

In summary, Rebound Technologies’ website effectively balances technical information with user-friendly design, making it accessible to both industry professionals and potential clients.

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