Tips for Improving Your Web Presence - Inventive Web Design

Tip 4: Social Media

Many of my clients have told me that they don’t have time for social media. The fact is that sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn can help you in many ways.

First, think of your website as the hub of a wheel where all the information about your company is kept. Each of the spokes of the wheel go out to another site to bring more people in. This means that you can grab other business owners from LinkedIn, family, friends, and friends of friends from Facebook and people who share your interests from Twitter and Pinterest. Not only may you gain more clients this way but once again, search engines look at your activity here to. You can even put Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds on your website to keep new content showing on your site.

Inventive Web Design can make social media posting easier for you by allowing you to automatically post your news/blog posts from your website to many social media sites. This means you just have to publish in one spot and it will broadcast your message out to the others with a click of a button rather than going to each site individually.

Matthew Minten

Matt is a techy, web guy that loves to program but am also blessed with a creative streak. He does graphic design, web design, augmented reality and photography (and many other things). He believes that anything can be done on your website; if you can think it up, he can create it. Matt founded Inventive Web Design in Reno in 2009 and has been helping local business ever since.