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Tip 2: Make it Secure

First thing you will want to add is a security certificate (SSL) to the site. In the past, this was primarily used for e-commerce sites and banks to ensure that personal data is encrypted and safe before it was sent.  Now search engines will actually use this to rank where your site should be in search results.

To know if you have a security certificate you can go to your site but add https:// in front of it (i.e. If you don’t get any security alerts and see the green padlock at the top of the browser next to the web address then your site is secure. You can also check your website security on sites like If you don’t have an SSL but want one contact us and we can help.

Keeping your site secure has always been an issue. Hackers will hack anything they can get their hands on. This means you need to keep your website software up to date and be sure to use passwords that are difficult to crack. There are also companies that will help guarantee that your site doesn’t get hacked for a monthly fee. Inventive Web Design can setup a maintenance plan to keep your site updated or train you how to do it. If you would like extra security, you can consult with us about which companies are best to use.

Matthew Minten

Matt is a techy, web guy that loves to program but am also blessed with a creative streak. He does graphic design, web design, augmented reality and photography (and many other things). He believes that anything can be done on your website; if you can think it up, he can create it. Matt founded Inventive Web Design in Reno in 2009 and has been helping local business ever since.