1. Redesign your site: You should think about adding a winter/Christmas Holiday Web Designs Reno theme to your website. To capture the festive mood that everyone is in you should be adding some holiday elements to your site. This will make people want to stay longer on your site and shop around a little. You can add a little snow covering to your existing design or have Santa landing on the top of your site. Talk to your web designer for more ideas about a Christmas or New Year’s layout.
  2. Coupons and Discounts: You may be planning to have several discounts and offers on your products or services over the Holiday Season. These offers will bring you business while offering your customers a little bit of savings. So how are they going to find your special offers. If you already have a strong Social Media base you should be letting your followers know on a regular basis. Send out tweets and updates daily at different times of the day. There are sites out there that allow you to set up a schedule of updates so you can just work for an hour or so setting it up for the entire season. If you don’t have any social media, we suggest emailing your current clients and even advertising on popular web directories or online advertisers like Google Adwords.
  3. Content marketing: Content is king. Getting your site noticed by search engines is all about adding new content regularly. By marketing your content (articles, press releases etc.) you can get higher on search engines and grab more clients. You should publish any new content on various directories and social media. Also you can redo some of your current content to add some holiday cheer.
  4. Get the advertising out there: As I mentioned before, it is a great idea to start up a pay per click (PPC) campaign. If you have a little extra advertising cash go setup an account on Google Adwords or other such companies and get your ads out there. Put your discounts in your ads and make sure that they link to a landing page that has your discounts on them.
Matthew Minten

Matt is a techy, web guy that loves to program but am also blessed with a creative streak. He does graphic design, web design, augmented reality and photography (and many other things). He believes that anything can be done on your website; if you can think it up, he can create it. Matt founded Inventive Web Design in Reno in 2009 and has been helping local business ever since.