Domain Registry Scam

Domain Registry Scam Throughout the years I have gotten regular inquiries from clients about Domain Registry letters. Luckily most of them are asking me if it is a scam.

These letters usually have a logo with an American Flag in a circle and the text Domain Registry next to them. Inside they state that your domain is expiring soon and you have to renew starting at around $50.00 per year. That is really expensive for a yearly domain renewal!

Most domain names cost between $13 and $18 a year and should be through a recognizable company. By that I mean, the company that you originally purchased the domain name from. Most companies won’t even send a physical letter to¬† you. They will just send you an email telling you of the upcoming renewal and as long as you have auto-renew on and an active credit card on file with them, the domain will renew automatically.

These Domain Registry Letters are a Scam.

Whatever you do, do not pay them or contact them. I had one client many years ago that paid them and had to get a new domain name for their website because the one that was in the letter was being held hostage for more money.

How did Domain Registry get my information?

Remember that your business information is everywhere and should be. You want people to find you, even if you are a completely online business. Just think about registering your company with the city and state, you have to put an address into every government form related to the business

What should I do with Domain Registry Letters if I get one?

The best thing to do with a Domain Registry Renewal letter is to shred it, burn it, or dispose of it.

If you ever have any questions about these Domain Registry Letters or any other letters about your website or your email reach out to your web designer or IT department and ask about them before doing anything.

Matthew Minten

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