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We use WordPress for most of the Reno web sites we build at Inventive Web Design and adding posts help keeps your website fresh with new material so that search engines like Google will keep coming back and ranking you higher in their results. Not only does this help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but it also can keep your clients and customers engaged with your business.  your site current. As part of our web design package we offer two hours of WordPress classes and training for our clients and their staff but over time they often forget how to do certain things like creating posts. Because of this we decided to start creating guides to help our clients find the resources they need.

WordPress Posts

Today we are going to take you through creating a new WordPress post. Posts can be blog entries, news articles, quick updates about you, tips, instructional pages like this one and whatever else you want them to be. They should show up somewhere on your home page to keep the search engines happy. Here are 10 steps to creating a WordPress post:

  1. Login to your website.
  2. Click Posts on the left side of the screen
  3. Click Add New
  4. Enter your Post Title
  5. Add Content to the large editing area. This can and should include images and links to other parts of your site (as well as other websites if you want).
  6. Review the SEO section on the bottom if you want (add meta description, check how good it is with the Focus Keyword, etc.).
  7. Add an Excerpt. This should be a brief overview of what the post is about.
  8. Give the article some Categories, Tags, and a Featured Image on the right side (optional).
  9. Optionally you can pick a publication date for the future (Click Edit next to Publish immediately on the right side).
  10. Click Publish when done.

After You Post

Always review the new post on the website. A link will appear at the top of the page once the post has been published. Click it to see how it looks and may any corrections if needed. Also check anywhere where your posts appear such as your home page or on your blog/news page.

Tips to help you keep posting on a regular basis

Remember that posting on a regular basis will help you get higher in the search engines. We suggest posting at least once every two weeks. You can add it to your calendar so you don’t forget to publish something new. If you are worried about having time, use the publication date mentioned in step 9 to create various posts at a time. Then schedule them out for the future so you don’t have to worry about it. You can create posts on a day when things are a little slow and then sit back and let the auto publish feature take over.

We hope this has been helpful, we will be back with more WordPress Tips in the future.

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Matthew Minten

Matt is a techy, web guy that loves to program but am also blessed with a creative streak. He does graphic design, web design, augmented reality and photography (and many other things). He believes that anything can be done on your website; if you can think it up, he can create it. Matt founded Inventive Web Design in Reno in 2009 and has been helping local business ever since.