SEO - Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimizations can help your small business rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This can result in bringing in a ton of potential customers through your site. Here are 5 simple SEO tips for small business owners that they can use to get improve search engine rankings as well as a giving their customers a better overall experience while on their web site.

1. Find your Target Keywords

Focus in on 10 – 15 main keywords you think are relevant to your site and for each page in your site. Research your chosen keywords – Sign up for Google Adwords and learn how to use the provided “keyword tool” and “ad text ideas” generator. Learn how to use Wordtracker (paid) and/or the Keyword Difficulty tool (free).

2. Unique SEO Friendly Titles

Every page on your website should have unique, search engine friendly titles. This means that your target keywords for that page should be in your title section. You should keep your webpage titles to 70 characters including spaces. Your website page’s title is actually shown in search engine results and your page title is the true indicator of that page content.

3. Use of Keywords in Meta Description

You should be including your target keywords once or twice in your meta description section. Most of search engines use to showcase your meta description against your website title in search results. You should make sure each page on your website has a unique description.

4. Use Keywords in Page Content

Aside from using your target keywords in web page title and descriptions, you should use your keywords in page and section headings, as well as in the paragraphs. You should be using targeted content from the beginning to the end of page. Use your keywords in a naturally throughout your website and do not over crowd each page with the same keyword over and over again.

5. Good Website Structure

You will want your main keywords in your website URL’s. Your website should have an easy to use navigation structure. You website should not have many sub-directories or slashes. Especially for a small website. Your website page’s URLs should be your main domain plus one or two levels down that include the Titles from Tip 2.

Search engines will keep changing their algorithms, but the above seo tips will help make your website search engine friendly. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

Matthew Minten

Matt is a techy, web guy that loves to program but am also blessed with a creative streak. He does graphic design, web design, augmented reality and photography (and many other things). He believes that anything can be done on your website; if you can think it up, he can create it. Matt founded Inventive Web Design in Reno in 2009 and has been helping local business ever since.